The Bow

“The power that emitted from this thing was astounding, sending my machines off the charts. There was more power in it than Zeus’ lightning bolts.”


I sat at my workbench, the White Rider’s bow laid out across the metal table in front of me. It had definitely been crafted from some divine power, everything on it was perfect. The symbols that led down the sides were perfect lines. The wood was strong, still looking like it did the day it was carved.

The power that emitted from this thing was astounding, sending my machines off the charts. There was more power in it than Zeus’ lightning bolts. It was definitely crafted by Yahweh himself. I was going to have to mimic its power and pulse it into another weapon.

After I had learned all there was to know about the weaponry of the Olympians, I started testing other realms. I wanted to become a worksmith in power and weaponry, not for any one particular pantheon. Make sense why I have so many supernatural friends of various species?

The advancements of technology didn’t hurt either. Everybody thinks I’m stupid, but I’ve spent time going to colleges. Sure, the parties were the main reason, but I actually went to classes and earned degrees. I enhanced my skills with technology so that I could better work on weaponry and harnessing power.

I even created my own measurement scale for comparing power across realms, the Desa. That’s what all my machines read off of, it pulls the amount of energy and force given off, calculating temperature and explosion rate and radius, and running 10,000 scenarios in different realms and against different enemies to comparatively look at different powers and energies. 

I ran the energy reader across the bow again, making sure the Desa readings were accurate. They shot off the charts as the scan finished, confirming the first test. This would be a fun toy, too bad I couldn’t keep the original. I, too, had a taste for ancient weapons. 

I stood, taking the bow to the harness chamber. I lifted the lever, the metal box splitting in half. Steam piled out of the cracks as the top half lifted up. The green lighting hummed in the bottom half.

I laid the bow in the chamber, pulling the lever back down as the box closed again. I punched in the codes on the keypad, turning the key to the machine as it clicked, locking the box in place. The machine hummed and whirred as the screen showed lines similar to a heartbeat, shooting up and back down rapidly.

Finally, the machine quieted down and the lines disappeared from the screen. I pulled the lever and the machine cracked open. I reached in, pulling the bow out and examining it, it’s perfection still in place. 

I ran over to my computer, watching as it calculated all the measurements of the energy, the particles, the magic forces, to mimic the energy and its power. Once the screen flashed green, I scooped up the bow and let the processing begin.

I needed to get this back to Link, I had another favor I needed from him. So, I took off out of the penthouse, jumping into my blue truck, sitting on 36” tires with a 7 inch lift. I needed a big truck for a big guy, wink. Shit, I can’t wink, but you get the point I’m making.

I left the parking garage, heading to Link’s store. I clicked a couple of buttons on my truck’s touch screen radio and a red progress bar popped up on the blue background. The processor was only at .25%, but it was already harnessing a lot of power. 

I pulled up to Movement and Decrement, hopping out of the truck with the bow and walking into the shop, the tiny bell ring sounding as I did. Link stood at the desk up front, piles of books on either side of him.

“That was quick Poly,” he said, pushing his glasses back up his nose. “Did you already harness the power?”

I pulled my phone out, the same progress bar from the truck displayed on the screen. 1%. “Working on it,” I said, sliding my phone back in my pocket and glancing up at him. “Here’s your bow. But I need something else.”

He reached out, taking the bow from me. “Of course you do Poly, you always want something else. Well, what is it?”

“There’s a blade, hexed by some witches and…”

“Made of Abels bones? The one weapon that can actually kill Cain?”

A smile crept up on my face. “That’s the one! Know where I can get it?”

“I know where you can get two!”

I arched my eyebrow, cocking my head to the side as I eyed him. “Two? Everything I’ve seen on it says one.”

“Are you questioning me Poly? Two were made by the witches of old. One was “destroyed” by Lilith.”

“And it wasn’t?”

“Nope. When she supposedly destroyed it, the witches hid it away in another dimension. I pulled it out almost as soon as it hit. I wasn’t going to let that one get by me. A couple of years ago, I came in possession of the other bone blade. So, I have them both now.”

“What’s your price? Name it.”

“For one or both?”

“Both.” Yes, maybe it sounds greedy. But I had my reasons for wanting both, and it wasn’t necessarily selfish. Crazy, right?

“I’ll tell you what Poly,” Link said, running his hands through his hair and chuckling. “Since you’ve given the bow back, and you still owe me two things, I’ll do you a solid. You can have them, after you uphold your end of the bargain.”

“One when I bring you Azazel’s wings, and one when I start training you for the ladies?”


“Great, first get cooler glasses. Do away with the circular ones, get some aviator frames instead. There’s your first lesson, now give me one of the blades.”

Link laughed, shaking his head. “Always the clever one Poly. However, you’re right.” He waved his hand, a pearly white blade appearing in his hand as he extended it to me. “Take one. The other comes with Azazel’s wings. The lessons aren’t over yet, though.”

I reached out and took the blade, twirling it in my hands and examining the fine edges that came together to form a perfect point. Cain’s curse swirled up and down the handle. 

“Trust me, I know they aren’t over yet. You still have a long way to go,” I chuckled as I looked up. Dammit. Every time, he just disappeared. My phone dinged, signaling the completion of the processor.

“Thanks Link!” I shouted as I ran out of the shop.

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