Angelic Greeting

I sighed, my mind flitting between annoyance and being turned on. He’d had another episode. I loved power.


They were…tasty.

That was my first impression. I had walked in on an argument of some sort.  Maybe a love quarrel? But their tension, wrapped in the smugness of their masculininity, tied up with bits of darkness was…tasty. I hadn’t been expecting it, if I’m honest. From what I’d read of those two they were Larry and Curly to Rumplestiltskin’s Moe. 

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, and all that.

Anyway, I walked in carrying Steven. I loved making an entrance, even when the security was as deplorable as it was at the penthouse. I was appalled. I have very few expectations, because beings are generally trash, but I had thought Rumple would be more on point with regard to security. 

Steven, the Polycomp, wasn’t dead, of course. I knew he heard every word we said, although he was slung over my shoulder like a piece of meat. So, oncePoly pointed it out, I deposited Steven in the deep freezer out on the balcony near the hot tub. The view was gorgeous. I stopped, enjoying it for a moment as I considered the piercing pain Steven must be feeling as the cold prickles of frost began to swoop across his body. I honestly couldn’t wait for him to freeze so we could defrost him and begin the tests.

Patience being a virtue meant it was obviously lost on me, however, I did understand the path of the long game. I played it often. Though, I was quite bored listening to One Eye and JR Death alternate between wondering about my identity and whether I’d fuck them.

I did have an instant craving to break Cain, but he was half angel and I’d learned long ago that was my default reaction to family. Break them. He could be fun. I rolled my eyes as soon as I had the thought. Then I’d have to deal with the rampaging bitch Lilith. A few memories of years past floated through my causing a smirk to curve my lips. Even she would catch feelings if I broke her son and popped his wobbly tattooed head off. 

I contemplated battling Lilith over the body of a prone, moaning, and bleeding Cain. It had potential. It definitely could be fun. My eyes pulsed a bright orange as I stashed the thought on the maybe shelf of my mind.

Standing, I dropped a card on the arm of the chair. Metallic black, it held a ten digit number and the orange emblazoned emblem of R.A. “This has been…well, boring. Tell Rumple I said call when he’s ready to explain.” I popped out, making sure to yell, before I completely disappeared, “get better fucking security.”

Realizing they weren’t the swiftest, I returned momentarily to offer a reminder, “Tobin will be by for the body. Touch it and die.” I smirked, popping out completely.


I found Tobin in the office. He was surrounded by dead Misfits. They were all in various stages of decay, with the freshest body closest to his feet. His black hair, that I loved to grip at the root, was in wild disarray. His eyes were a heated obsidian. His face covered in spittle and blood. 

I sighed, my mind flitting between annoyance and being turned on. He’d had another episode. I loved power. The feel of it in the air, swirling around. That crackle when beings knowingly wielded it and bandied it about. I loved it, but I couldn’t abide the loss of control where power was concerned. 

Tobin was almost three centuries removed from his life as Tobias, yet he still had Tobias like fits where he couldn’t control the gifts he’d claimed. The gifts I’d given him. It was aggravating, to say the least. I should just kill him and end both our torture.

“Come here, my darkness,” he muttered, his tone hoarse, but stern.

After just having left Larry and Curly weakling, I was more than intrigued. I strode slowly to his side, a small smirk curving my lips. “If you kill all of my soldiers, I’ll need to change my plans. You know how I detest changing plans, Tobin.” 

I glanced down at his lips. I wanted to kiss him. The mixture of power and the metallic stench of blood and slaughter rising from him was an aphrodisiac. I heard the whispers of all the exploration we had done through the centuries.


I looked up, searching the darkened pools of black nothingness. He was back there, then. I pressed my hand against his chest, feeling his heart race as a fierce growl tore through his body. 

I quaked, resolving to give him what he needed and what I’d never give another. I tore my eyes away from his, looking down submissively. “Yes, sir, Tobias.”

He grabbed my hair, releasing it from its ponytail as he spun me around. The trickle of excitement expanded, climbing up my spine. “I need to get you out of me,” he yelled, slamming me against the wooden stacks of the built in bookcases. 

The fragile oak cracked from the impact, the splinters sheering themselves into my skin. I almost hummed the words to release the power of the Zulfiqar to me, but I knew Tobin needed this. It had been almost a year since his last…cleanse. His condition required frequent resets. 

I felt him bite into the flesh of my clavicle, forcing an uncharacteristic howl of pain. I obviously hadn’t been attentive enough.

Even still, I was no one’s fragile doll. “You will never get me out of you. You’re fucking mine. You will house my dark, you will be my light, and I will take from you what I please.”

“Yet it is I that takes from you,” he declared stroking into me from behind. I had been so lost in the flood of searing pain from wood and bite, I hadn’t even noticed the loss of clothing. 

This was what he did to me, he made me lose myself. This was why one day I’d need to end him. “You are my weakness,” I muttered, my brain swirling with what I’d need to do to hide this unforgivable fragility from the ones most likely to take advantage. 

Or maybe the day had arrived where I would remove the obstacle myself. 

I enjoyed a few more moments of Tobin’s delicious brutality before focusing my energy. I clamped down on his pulsing rod, where it lay sheathed within my body, then pushed backwards. The force drove us across the room to land atop the desk. 

Before I could move, his nails raked down my back, drawing blood, until he found purchase at my hips. I spent moments, maybe hours, lost in a rhythm he set, that only we knew. There was a steady ebb and flow building, crawling along my mind and person, aching for me to let go. 

I couldn’t.

I wouldn’t.

Instead, I bent forward. Feeling him pound in and through me as I licked from his ankle to his calf. Kissing and sucking at sensitive skin, waiting for what I knew would come. A sharp tug of my hair, a forcefully brutal upward stroke that almost took my breath away. I pushed backward and downward, using the surprise and momentum to grip and twist his leg. 

I heard the howl of pain as the shock rippled through his body, the trembling just above his kneecap had been the most intense. Just feeling it had almost brought about the element I was so holding on to. Moving in a small spin, I faced him. He was still buried deep inside of me, but now we were face to face.

“To whom did you pledge your soul, Tobin?” I asked, licking across his lips.

He cackled maniacally, like a fucking programmed robot. “To whom did you pledge yours, darkness?”

I ground down against him, feeling him grow harder within my walls as he tried to use one leg to anchor himself and push upward. He needed this. His mind needed it to cleanse itself and reset. 

I knew it. 

I still hated him for it. Even as I clenched around him to pull it from him.

“You will destroy us all. I need you out of me.” He screeched, forcing himself deeper.

“I leaned forward, my tone gentle. “Then pledge yourself again, as you are meant, and give it back to me, Tobias. I’ll hold your dark, baby.”

He grabbed my hips, pounding upwards through the pain. The sound of slapping flesh reverberated through the room. His body slapped into mine. His broken leg slammed against the wood of the desk.

My hand stroked down between us, finding the core of his humanity, the base of his longevity, and I punched through. The force expanded that small space humans called a belly button. 

Tobin definitely now had an inny.

The moment my fist entered his body, he exploded within mine. The effect was powerful and my release overtook me as well. Darkness flooded by light followed me as tremors shook my being. My body sucked and clamped around Tobin as his did the same around mine, pulling my fist deeper.

And when it was over I fell. A harder fall than Lucifer would ever know. I hit the ground near the desk, my legs landing partially on a long dead misfit.

I crawled to the office chair. My chest rose and fell with my ragged breathing as I stared at Tobin. 

I was throbbing, waiting.

He’d be back soon.

Each time took a little longer. But I’d dug the darkness out. Looking down, I opened my fist. My mouth surrounded its contents pulling it within my body. Swallowing it, him, whole.

Now he just needed to come back and clean up his fucking mess.

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