Training Day

I released the string as the two arrows left the string and struck each demon in the heart. They both looked at each other and exploded in a flood of light.


I sat cross legged. My eye was closed as I closed my mind. My breathwork became masterful pieces of art. Up…down..Up.down….up…..down. I focused my thoughts into the location of one thing: the Staff of Solomon. I sought to see where it would be in any point in the future, trying to track it down. The power in that thing made it easy for me to locate as long as it was in my realm. 

I caught wind that AzHole had reappeared in our realm. My guess was that the battle between Buddha and Heady drew him out. He couldn’t miss a good fight, and I couldn’t blame him. I’d caught the video on the internet. People were clamoring about it, thinking it was a new movie trailer. Little did they know.

When people start to accept that video as real is when my brother’s hard work crumbles. Seeing the evil that would dare to kill Buddha was enough to make the mundane want to exterminate the lot of us. Then we can rise up once and for all.

The darkness of my sight and thoughts started to shift and change colors, slowly painting in the missing spots of the image. As the pieces connected and colors were combined, an image appeared before me. I saw the Staff of Solomon laid across the window sill of what appeared to be an apartment. 

I glanced around at the image before me, looking for any clues that would give away the location. Hell, I wasn’t even sure that AzHole had the Staff still. I saw an open take out menu on a side table in the bottom right corner. I tried to focus in on it to see an address or something that would point me in the right direction. I could make out the last five digits of the address. 10004. 10004 was the zip code for New York, New York.

I continued to scan the image, looking through the window where the Staff sat. I saw a blurry blueish green tower. That must have been the Statue of Liberty. He was in one of the most populous places on the planet. He probably thought we wouldn’t come looking for him in the middle of such a crowded place. Little did he know, we didn’t give a shit who saw us or what we were going to do to him.

Then AzHole came into the frame. Gods he was an ugly sunnuva bitch. Lounging around his apartment in white heart boxers and a fucking blue robe. Still had that ponytail hanging off his chin too. Suddenly, he stopped in his place. He looked at the Staff of Solomon. Then he turned his head, seemingly staring right at me. He started to laugh and snapped his fingers.

I opened my eye with a snap, and the image before me was gone. I took in a deep breath to steady myself after being jolted out of a vision. He would know someone was looking for it, but he didn’t know yet.

I jumped up and ran out of my bedroom and into the hallway where the scanner and keypad were hidden behind a painting. I typed in the code that changes every three hours automatically and let the biometric scanner do it’s thing. Once they both flashed green the wall clicked and a hidden door opened.

I darted inside, making my way around grabbing the things I would need to fight AzHole. First thing first was light grenades. Full of knockout power and blinding light, they would come in handy fighting a demon. I tossed two dozen into a backpack. Next was the White Rider’s bow replica.

I picked up the bow, turning it and admiring the craftsmanship of my duplicate. The power I had drawn from the first one radiated within the fine wood of the bow limbs. There was lightning that traced up and down the string. The arrows were fueled with divine energy.

I slung the bow around my shoulder, filling a quiver with a dozen arrows. I ran out of the hidden room and the door closed behind me. I ran to the elevator and pressed the button. The ding sounded and the door opened. I jumped in and entered my key code. Then the elevator began to lower to the gym floor.

I closed my eye and leaned back against the elevator. I felt the vibrations of the mechanisms throughout my body. I needed to train more. I wasn’t going in there to get my ass kicked. I couldn’t care less if the others got their asses kicked. Hell, some of them probably deserved it.

The elevator dinged again and the door opened. I leapt out, sprinting to the training simulator I had built on the gym floor. The room was blocked off from the rest of the gym. Only a few had access to the simulator so far; it was too expensive to let any joe blow in there. I entered my code and walked into the simulator. 

The observation room was filled with monitors covering every square inch of the simulator. Control panels lined the front, allowing for someone to control the danger levels, landscapes, etc. I played with the control boards, setting the simulator to a fight against demons. Not low ranking demons, higher demons.

I walked into the simulator, cracking my neck to the left and again to the right. “It’s go time,” I said as I dropped my bag to the ground.

“Simulation ready,” the simulator called out. “Ready in three… two… one… GO!”

The room shifted, forming into a New York alleyway. I looked around, admiring the way the simulator had shifted the room to an actual New York area. All of a sudden, I was hit from behind, sending me flying forward into the brick building.

“Wow, didn’t know I turned cheap shots on simulator,” I snorted as I pushed myself off the wall and turned around. In front of me was a tall demon, equaling my height. His muscles were finely toned, solid lines outlining them. “Let’s dance.”

I began moving around the demon in a boxer’s pose, hopping from side to side. The demon stared at me, clearly confused. I inched closer and closer, still shuffling from side to side. He was too concerned with what i was doing with my feet, that he didn’t realize I was getting closer. Once I was in striking range, I slung the bow around my back and came across the demon’s jaw.

His head snapped to the left as the bow connected. He fell to the ground and tried to get up. I lifted my foot up, but before I could come down on him I was blasted with a ball of hellfire. That stung a little. I smashed against the loading dock of one of the restaurants. My back cracked back as my body was bent.

I stood up and turned to see the fireball demon helping the cheapshot demon up. “Alright fireball, you first bitch.” I aimed the White Rider’s Bow at the fireball demon and blasted him with light. The cheapshot demon leapt into the air and landed behind me. He grabbed the bow, pulling it against my throat as I struggled to pull it away.

The fireball demon made his way back over to where I was struggling with the cheapshot demon. He held his hand up in my face as he was getting ready to obliterate my head. I kicked my leg forward, connecting my shin with his balls. The fireball demon fell to the ground, grabbing himself as he did.

I slipped the bow out of the cheapshot demon’s hands as his attention diverted to his fellow demon. I came around with the bow and smashed it across the other side of his face. He collapsed to the ground beside the fireball demon. I pulled two arrows out of my quiver and split them so one was headed towards the fireball demon and the other towards the cheapshot demon.

I released the string as the two arrows left the string and struck each demon in the heart. They both looked at each other and exploded in a flood of light. “Simulation end. Congratulations Polyphemus.” The scenery began to fade as the room turned back into a giant and empty metal box. I gathered my things, picking up the bag of grenades as I left the simulator and headed to the elevator.

Once I got back to my floor, I noticed something was off. The aura was different, darker, more evil. I quietly sat my bag down, pulling the bow around and loading an arrow. I slowly crept through the penthouse, cautious at every turn. I could hear wind blowing inside and ruffling fabric. It sounded like the balcony door was open.

As I got to the room that led to the balcony, I peaked around the corner. There she was. Her deep purple hair hung down her back, tracing her curves. She was in a leather mini dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination. I slowly let go of the tension of the string, putting the arrow back in my quiver and the bow on my back. 

“Hello… Lilith.”

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