The Bone Blade

"I nearly choked on my coffee, my eyebrows shooting up to my hairline. I couldn’t hide the sarcasm in my voice. “Why the fuck would I give you the Staff?" I had started to get cabin fever stuck in that penthouse, well, stuck in Las Vegas in general. I wouldn’t tell fuckboy and the fuckwit... Continue Reading →

The Moment of Truth

"Walking over to the mini bar, the vile of my mothers lost emotions felt like it weighed a ton in my pocket." The atmosphere in Hell had been different to the last time I had been there. The air was thick. It felt like the calm before a huge storm. My mother was close by.... Continue Reading →

A Favour for a Favour

“I can not restore her heart. That is an impossible feat without having access to her body and even then…” she paused, pointing at me, “It would be almost impossible…" Warm air brushed against my cheek when I formed in The French Quarter of New Orleans. It was mixed with the delicious scent of expensive... Continue Reading →

Luck of a Demon

CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE  To say the last week had been interesting would have been an understatement. I had gone from a quiet life to being smack bang in the middle of a whole heap of shit that I could have done without. The plan had been to get rid of Lucifer; I’m not... Continue Reading →

Island Charlie Foxtrot

Content Warning: Crude language Rumpelstiltskin turned to Polyphemus with a smirk inside the cozy island home. “Now, love. Just a little prick of your sausage finger and-” His words were cut short by the whip-cracking sound outside. They both ran towards the front door.  Poly was the first to step through the door, eyeing a... Continue Reading →

Well, That Was a Bad Idea

CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE I had sat perched on the side of my mother’s bed. The huge wooden four-poster monstrosity had never been her. Lucifer had designed this room. He thought he knew her, but he would never know her as my father had. She was lying on her side with her knees brought... Continue Reading →


CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE, EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACTIVITY, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. Clasping my hand tightly around her throat, I squeezed. The more she gasped beneath me, the more my pleasure intensified. The lust reflected in her bright blue eyes was exhilarating, the rush curving my lips into a manic smile. Excitement built in my gut as... Continue Reading →

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