Some Yin Yang Bull

"You have no power over me, spirit. I have only one weakness and nobody, but Azazel, has the knowledge of what it is." CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE Something felt odd. That might sound weird coming from a ghost without his own head, but the stimuli started erupting since I galloped away from Salem. The... Continue Reading →

A Job From Four Deaths

"I, a figure of Myth, will be revealed as his killer, his executioner, and with the Buddha’s death, the plague to all hope in the world." CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE The thrill of the sprint, the joy of chaotic mischief, and the verve of seeing a Chief Demon of Hell rallying against equally disturbed... Continue Reading →

Name Your Head

"The head laughed wickedly in my hand as the eyeballs decayed into a rotten flesh jelly leaking down the cheeks. With a tight squeeze the head shattered into a gore pile into the floor." CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE; GRAPHIC VIOLENCE  His eyelids were swollen. Wrist and ankles had become infected with pus leaking from... Continue Reading →

I Am Oblivion

"I recognized that face. Flipping the pages once again while playing Bach’s tune on the organ, I came across ole Rumpelstiltskin narrative once more." Cracking my knuckles, I readied my hands, and spread my fingers. My black leather gloves laid upon the keys and I began to play. In front of me was the tome... Continue Reading →

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE When the flames of chaos burn sanctuaries to the ground, it is I who walks through the ashes. Nameless, my steed, smelled the scent of my prey. I made sure my hood was secured over the top of my shoulders. Walking down the street of Chicago with my... Continue Reading →

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