The Sword and the Ring, Part IV

I tilted my head. “Stay...down!” I roared as I sent a wave of green energy across the floor, tripping him again. His head made a hollowed thud against the hardwood floor. “Do you even know what your mother did?” I asked.  “She failed,” Madok said as he pushed himself off the floor. With a huff,... Continue Reading →

The Sword and The Ring, Part III

My eyes glowed bright green as I raised my hands overhead. “I have been waiting for this for almost three centuries.” Content Warning: Crude language Well, I’ve found myself in a fucking mess, dearie. I had Excalibur but for a second. That was until a bloody demon goat dropped into my lap, almost literally. Poly... Continue Reading →

The Sword and The Ring, Part 2

I left the party smog of Polyphemus’s penthouse with high hopes. If I trailed my previous plan, the day would soon come to fruition of me taking on Minotauros. While I wasn’t afraid of the bull, it would have only caused more headache and bullshit to wade through as I fulfilled my plan. Making more... Continue Reading →

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