The Moment of Truth

"Walking over to the mini bar, the vile of my mothers lost emotions felt like it weighed a ton in my pocket." The atmosphere in Hell had been different to the last time I had been there. The air was thick. It felt like the calm before a huge storm. My mother was close by.... Continue Reading →

The Sword and the Ring, Part IV

I tilted my head. “Stay...down!” I roared as I sent a wave of green energy across the floor, tripping him again. His head made a hollowed thud against the hardwood floor. “Do you even know what your mother did?” I asked.  “She failed,” Madok said as he pushed himself off the floor. With a huff,... Continue Reading →

A Favour for a Favour

“I can not restore her heart. That is an impossible feat without having access to her body and even then…” she paused, pointing at me, “It would be almost impossible…" Warm air brushed against my cheek when I formed in The French Quarter of New Orleans. It was mixed with the delicious scent of expensive... Continue Reading →

Soulful Angel

"His eyes grew wide and round with understanding. They looked like red saucers, filled with shock, awe, and honestly not nearly enough fear for my liking." CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE AND INDECENT LANGUAGE: SOME SCENES READERS MAY FIND DISTRESSING The moonlight was annoyingly bright, but it leant an odd beauty to the dense forest. The trees... Continue Reading →

The Bow

"The power that emitted from this thing was astounding, sending my machines off the charts. There was more power in it than Zeus’ lightning bolts." CONTENT WARNING CRUDE AND INDECENT LANGUAGE I sat at my workbench, the White Rider’s bow laid out across the metal table in front of me. It had definitely been crafted... Continue Reading →

Luck of a Demon

CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE  To say the last week had been interesting would have been an understatement. I had gone from a quiet life to being smack bang in the middle of a whole heap of shit that I could have done without. The plan had been to get rid of Lucifer; I’m not... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

CONTENT WARNING - CRUDE LANGUAGE, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE I sat on the balcony of my penthouse with a gin and tonic, a busty blonde sitting on my lap, her ass rubbed against my groin. Her short red dress was not even reaching her knees, leaving so much to desire. Man, I loved women. I looked over... Continue Reading →

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