The Submission of Maizey Randall Book One

Maizey wasn’t looking for Mr. Right when she found herself back in her own town, trying to start the next chapter in her life. Yet, somehow, she found herself in the middle of the sexy Right brothers.

Her old flame and first love – possibly the one that got away and his delectable older brother who she’s always had a crush on. Captivated by the possibilities, Maizey is forced to choose between them, hoping she will make the right choice for her happy ever after.

Theo Right has always known who he is and what he wants. Dedicated to growing his string of clubs, he allows himself to explore his desires in a safe environment while keeping distance between his heart and his dark needs.

Until a chance meeting brings Maizey Randall back into his orbit. She captivates him, makes him consider love for the first time – the only problem is, she belonged to his brother.

A Sprinkle of Love

At thirty-six, Kirsten thinks she has it all. She is married to the perfect guy – has the perfect family.
Life couldn’t get any better.
But then Mike leaves her for a younger model, and her life falls apart. Unemployed, and facing Christmas alone, it’s almost too much to bear. So, when her mom offers her a chance to escape for the holidays, she grabs it with both hands.
All she wants is to hide away from the world. But she soon finds out that the quiet little fishing village in England, has a lot more to offer her than just solitude. Amongst the locals she finds friendship, romance and a new found perspective that changes her outlook on life.

A heart-warming festive tale about friendship, self-worth, and maybe… just a sprinkle of love.

Coming Soon…

The Submission of Maizey Randall Book Two

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