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Deceitful Temptations

Breaking Reeva

Bored and alone in her bed, Reeva decides to have a little fun.
Fun soon turns to panic when her husband arrives home from work early; catching her in the act.
Red faced, Reeva waits for his wrath. She knows she will be punished.
Jake isn’t just her husband, he’s her Dom,
and she has just broken his number one rule.
No coming without permission.

Brat’s Heart

Eva and her Dom have a loving and fulfilling relationship… By their own unique standards. He keeps very high standards for her and loves to humiliate her with embarrassing orders, making her touch herself at work, walk around with no underwear, and other dirty little secrets.
In return, Eva is always on the brink of exploding, blinded from being so turned on and stimulated all the time. But there is a problem: She always wants more. And this insatiable desire ends up being her demise when she finally crosses the limit.

Dirty Girl
The Submissive Diaries Book 1

Beth always knew she was… Unusual. Deep within her, there was a restlessness, one that could never be satisfied. But the answers to her desires are found in the more imaginable of places, as she travels to attend a boring hen party.

There, she bumps into an ex-lover. The one who got away. A man that never left her imagination, and even 10 years later is able to shake her to her core. But what she doesn’t know is that he is an impetuous dominant, who will initiate her in the art of dirty kink.

Dirty Weekend
The Submissive Diaries Book 2

Beth can’t stop thinking about her last encounter with Liam. The short introduction to the BDSM world has left her aching for more, and the new possibilities excite her but frighten her at the same time.

Once again, he sweeps in with his cool confidence to bring a delightful solution; a weekend getaway in which Beth will be able to experiment a little with this world she’s so fascinated about.

Red Haze

What a mother of two always dreamt about comes true in the dark-lit dungeon where the two men take the reins over all her body parts. First, she is showcased in her revealing outfit to the crowd, then she is severely punished for her disobedience. Finally, her wild dream of double penetration comes true. And yet, she could not wish for a better Valentine’s Day present.

Unholy Secrets
Greed- One of the Seven Sexy Sins

Violet lives in a small town where religion holds the highest power. The only daughter of the much loved Vicar, she is betrothed to the Mayor’s son. A perfect pairing. She is the perfect, sweet and innocent wife to be; except Violet is far from sweet . She is a slut with a taste for all things nasty and her hidden desires are far from innocent. Violet believes she can play with the men of the town, having her cake and eating it all. But as with all secrets… eventually the truth will out. Will Vi’s slutty ways catch up with her? And will she get just what she deserves?

A Very Merry Submission

12 erotica authors.
12 days.
1 very naughty writer’s retreat.
What could go wrong?
Bex is determined to get some actual writing done at the Christmas Erotic Writer’s retreat in the Catskills. She will not be deterred, not by her sexy hubby, the beautiful snow-filled grounds, or the practically nonstop orgy going on around her.

But Max shows up giving off energy Bex has never felt before and offering the chance to star in a previously-untold lust-filled chapter. Will she resist?
Reality meets fiction in this steamy story of domination and submission.
A Very Merry Submission is one of the 12 Days of Lustmas series.

Dangerous Games

Flirting is a dangerous game. Yet Nancy, wife, and mother of two, finds herself mutually flirting with her boss. He’s sexy and willing, inviting her to some personal late-night work hours. Meanwhile, her husband, Elijah is paying way more attention to his secretary than Nancy likes.

Nancy only really has eyes for Elijah, but when the game’s afoot tough decisions need to be made. In this game of desire and need, the next move is Nancy’s. In the end, where will she finish, and will the risks be worth it?

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