Training Day

"I released the string as the two arrows left the string and struck each demon in the heart. They both looked at each other and exploded in a flood of light." CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE, I sat cross legged. My eye was closed as I closed my mind. My breathwork became masterful pieces of... Continue Reading →

Hello Brother.

“Hello Brother. I need your help,” I knew it would be a long shot to get him to help me, but it was a chance I had to take." CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE “Fuck!” I shouted, throwing a chair through my balcony window. The glass shattered, littering the ground with tiny pieces of my... Continue Reading →

Angel Patience

"His skin began to change, color draining as his life faded. Sighing, I let go, watching as he crumpled to his feet. I wasn’t actually upset enough to kill him, especially after he’d just revived, but I was close." CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE, EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACTIVITY It took the fucker five days to revive. I... Continue Reading →

The Sale

"Take it or leave it. There is no calling me back. Otherwise, I’ll go find someone else who wants to make a deal with me. Money is no object to me Raul." CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE Rumplefuckingstiltskin decided to invite supernatural beings, other Myths like us, to join this fight against AzHole then disappeared.... Continue Reading →

The One That Got Away

"His body went flying sideways as he landed near the bank of our river. Blood trickled from his mouth and nose, bubbling from within his ears." CONTENT WARNING - CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE I kicked back on the balcony of my Vegas penthouse, overlooking the strip. I had to get away from the bulshit... Continue Reading →

Angelic Greeting

“I sighed, my mind flitting between annoyance and being turned on. He’d had another episode. I loved power.” CONTENT WARNING: EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACTIVITY They were...tasty. That was my first impression. I had walked in on an argument of some sort.  Maybe a love quarrel? But their tension, wrapped in the smugness of their masculininity, tied up... Continue Reading →

Movement and Decrement

CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE  Is it worth it Poly? Is it really worth it? Adventure time with Cain, the OG Killer and that fucking elf Rumplestiltskin? Azazel had the Staff of Solomon AND Excalibur and we had to find him. I didn’t see this coming. Literally. You see, I knew Rumplestilskin would come to... Continue Reading →

Island Charlie Foxtrot

Content Warning: Crude language Rumpelstiltskin turned to Polyphemus with a smirk inside the cozy island home. “Now, love. Just a little prick of your sausage finger and-” His words were cut short by the whip-cracking sound outside. They both ran towards the front door.  Poly was the first to step through the door, eyeing a... Continue Reading →

The Sword and The Ring, Part 2

I left the party smog of Polyphemus’s penthouse with high hopes. If I trailed my previous plan, the day would soon come to fruition of me taking on Minotauros. While I wasn’t afraid of the bull, it would have only caused more headache and bullshit to wade through as I fulfilled my plan. Making more... Continue Reading →


CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE I grabbed onto the girl’s arm as she stumbled out of my lap towards the edge of the balcony. I could sense magic emitting from every fiber of this intruder. I had heard of the tales of Rumplestilskin, but I thought he had been trapped away long ago. Note to... Continue Reading →

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