Angel Patience

"His skin began to change, color draining as his life faded. Sighing, I let go, watching as he crumpled to his feet. I wasn’t actually upset enough to kill him, especially after he’d just revived, but I was close." CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE, EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACTIVITY It took the fucker five days to revive. I... Continue Reading →

Angelic Greeting

“I sighed, my mind flitting between annoyance and being turned on. He’d had another episode. I loved power.” CONTENT WARNING: EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACTIVITY They were...tasty. That was my first impression. I had walked in on an argument of some sort.  Maybe a love quarrel? But their tension, wrapped in the smugness of their masculininity, tied up... Continue Reading →

Pop Goes The Angel

His head exploded like a water balloon bouncing over a spike strip. His brain was instant mush, matter flying every which way, as his blood splashed forward and covered the overalls I wore atop my suit. Fuck! If I ruined another pair of boots I’d have him revived so I could kill him again, even... Continue Reading →

Reflective Angel

CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE Yeah, sex and torture are good - not always in that order - but have you ever stood before your creator and told them they were full of shit.  Try it. Man, it’s a fucking high waiting to see if They’ll circumvent Their own rules just to smite you. If... Continue Reading →

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